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Laboratory PE Apron Machine

PE Plastic Apron making machine is used to all types of PE aprons. The mould can be adjustable according to customers requirements. One time use disposable waterproof kitchen LDPE plastic Apron is widely used in food industry, Medical, Hospital, Laboratory, Manufacturing, clean room, painting...

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PE plastic apron making machine is used to all types of PE aprons while it is mainly used to produce the laboratory PE apron.The mould can be adjustable according to customers requirements. The disposable  LDPE plastic apron is widely used in food industry, medical, hospital, laboratory, manufacturing, clean room, painting and veterinary.


* This machine is specially designed for the point off with volume aprons machine.
* It uses computer control, step motor or servo motor setting length system to make the sealing and cutting size with the less error,greatly improving the quality standards and the work efficiency. 

* Intergrated design that it can complete all the work itself to make the PE apron.
* Fitting with electric eye tracking to make the location of printing the pattern precise.
* It can choice the compute numerical control to adjust the apron length, if the printing have problem, the machine automatic will shut down and alarm to reduce the loss to the minimum.

* The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it has a high reliability and low failure rate,reducing the waste of the raw materials.

* Made of stainless steel, it has a heavy base that it works with little vibration and stable performance.

* It is easy to clean and maintain which saves troubles that you can safely use.

* High output,alumium alloy frame,compact structure,beautiful appearance,professional performance,fully automation,low tolerance and high speed.

Main Technical Specification





Max. length




Error in Length


Bag-making Speed


Total Power


Weight of Machine


Overall Dimensions


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