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Non Woven Fully Automatic Face Mask Machine 1+2

The Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine produce mask with overall automation from raw material feeding to inserting, sealing inside to nose wire to weld ear loop to finished mask completely. This machine can help to save produce cost (labor and time). This machine is lower failure...

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The machine is used for produce the face mask slice and auto adding the earloop on the face mask slice diretly which is composed of the 1 mask blank machine and 2 ear loop welding machine work together.This machine can help to save produce cost (labor and time).It is lower failure rate and easy to operation that can count production quantity automatically.

The unit features:

*On this combination the mask body machine can match with 1/2/3/4 units of ear-loop machine;
*Two output line with high productivity,greatly enhancing the work efficiency.

*High quality material,stainless steel and durable components makes the whole machine firm and strong that it runs with little vibration and almost no noise.

*Smooth feed belt which is flexible and it won't do harm to the face mask.

*Stable base with alumium alloy which supports the whole machine run well,successfully without breakdown, and it is resistant to dust and dirt that it is convenient to clean and maintain.

*Intergrated design with PLC system,it can complete production well and quickly.

*Large capacity that it can make 140 pieces per minute.

*Rubber wheels on the bottom of the machine that it is easy to move without too much energy and it has little noise as you move it, which is a considerable detail that it won't disturb others' work.

The main technical parameters:



Capacity (pieces / min):


power source:

AC220V  1PH 50Hz

Main drive servo motor power kw:


Ultrasonic power KW

8KW for outer earloop;
12kw for inner earloop

Dimensions (L × W × H mm)

1. blank machine: 2030*700*1530
2. ear loop machine: 1650*980*1900
3. link span: 2150*350*1330
4. material rest: 2200*620*1700
5. conveyor: 1220*400*750

mask size(L×W mm)

17.5x9.5cm; 14.5x9cm/12.5x8cm;


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