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The Production Quality Of Automatic Mask Machine
- Feb 10, 2018 -

Automatic mask machine Manufacturers in the selection of masks, the need to consider the operation of machinery, a function of stability, good value, high efficiency of the mask machine is the best choice, and the demand for the plane fully automatic mask machine to check, check each part of the working condition is damaged and aging.

Automatic fully automatic mask machine and Non-woven mask machine is not the same, produced masks are not the same, in the function and product specifications are different, the inner layer mask molding, the use of cotton hot pressing into a cup-shaped, the outer mask molding, the use of Non-woven fabrics, melt spray cloth, activated carbon into a flake; multilayer mask pressure, the outer cover of the mask, the inner layer of pressure to form 3-5-layer And then trimming the welding process.

Automatic fully automatic mask machine product quality is increasingly advanced, more and more mechanical function, more attention to product quality, more conducive to market competition, more simple to obtain huge profits, by the broad consumer Green, now many people like to wear masks, masks shopping malls will be very hot, sales prospects better.