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Production Process Of Dustproof Clothing
- Feb 10, 2018 -

The 1th step is to play board, in accordance with the requirements of customers design publishing, design is to consider the function of clothing, but also pay attention to its comfort.

The 2nd step is the painted skin, will design the version of the sample painting in the selected Anti-Static fabrics, for the following cutting.

The 3rd step is cloth, according to the number of customers determined clothing, will be required anti-static fabrics for multi-layer cloth, the number of floors, more clothes to do.

The 4th step is cutting, cutting master using advanced cutting tools, according to the second step of the pattern to cut.

The 5th step is sewing, in strict accordance with the requirements of the national standard sewing, such as interface, conductive yarn to align, or directly with conductive yarn sewing, such dust-proof clothing is qualified.