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Disposable Plastic Aprons Also Have Shelf Life
- Feb 10, 2018 -

The general disposable plastic apron has a shelf life of two years, put more than two years of disposable gloves can not continue to use, because the long-term placement of disposable apron, will cause mold is full of surface, the health of the human body is a great threat, serious may cause human disease, not only disposable plastic apron, disposable plastic gloves, etc. There are many disposable products have a shelf life, such as the shelf life of a one-time lunch box about 4 months, the shelf life of about 6 months, the hotel ordinary disposable toothbrush shelf life of about 8 months, disposable masks longer shelf life, can reach about a year, or even a one-time comb has a year shelf life, These disposable products can not be expired, otherwise it will affect people's physical health.