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Machine installation matters for mask and bandage machine
- Feb 10, 2018 -

1. Remove the packaging, check the surface of the equipment and the parts have no damage marks. Check whether the screws are loose, whether the electrical connectors are locked and the accessories are complete.

2. The equipment should be placed on a flat hard ground. The Mask bandage machine is required to deviate from the heat source at least 0.5 meters, and to ensure that the mask bandage machine before and after at least 1 meters, around at least 1 meters of space in order to operate.

3. Check the voltage requirement of the sign on the back of the vibration box, and make sure the system is grounded well.

4. Connect the equipment with the power supply, pay attention to the power switch off first, the voltage requirements of the machine: ac220v, 50~60hz.