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Disposable bath caps all kinds of questions and answers
- Feb 10, 2018 -

1. How to use the bath cap? The use of short hair bath cap is relatively simple, from the back of the head to wear can be long hair, you need to first put the hair or plate to wear, and then put the fine hair into the line, it is necessary to note that we do not directly put hair into the shower cap, easy to cause hair knot.

2. Does the bath cap cause damage to the hair? Stuffy in the bath cap can not heat, the hair does not have any damage, mainly will affect the scalp of the breath, but usually everyone is a face or bath time to use the bath cap, will not cause big problems, pay attention to time.

3, disposable bath caps can be reused? Disposable bath caps can be reused several times, but not for a long time or for multiple people to use for health reasons.